In modern world, the demand and competition of quality construction manpower is progressively increasing. In addition, COVID-19 pandemic has also imposed tightened travel restrictions and rigorous on-site safe distancing measures for health and safety reasons. Such circumstances even more exacerbate the scarcity of time and manpower. Therefore, advanced and productive solutions, which can minimize certain manual or repetitive tasks at construction sites, are highly appreciable. Such solutions would spare time and manpower, so that other more productive and valuable tasks can be performed instead. In this regard, we have proposed an innovative “Prefabricated Branch Cable” system, as demonstrated by figure 1. In this design, main cable is being connected to branch cables through joints, which have been pre-moulded under factory conditions. Hence, it minimizes on-site work and labour, as most of the work has already been carried out in factory. Such prefabricated branch cable systems are highly recommended to be deployed for high-rise buildings as main risers, as well as for tunnel lighting.

Figure 1: Prefabricated Branch Cable System

“Prefabricated Branch Cable” provide following advantages over traditional cables:

Labour Time and Cost

Tap off tasks such as splicing and jointing are already being carried out during manufacturing process in the factory. As need to perform these tasks on-site is eliminated, so time savings would be greater than 50%. Moreover, the availability of skilled labour to perform tap off tasks is no more mandatory, which results into a significant reduction in manpower requirements.

Material Cost
These cables are being designed specifically according to your customized length requirements. Excess cable can easily be trimmed to prevent material wastage. Furthermore, they can be fixed to the wall with cleats or brackets.
Reliability Enhancement
The fabrication process of these cables is being carried out in a stringent quality-controlled environment, which is also certified by a third party. Its pre-moulded joints under factory conditions are more reliable as compared to on-site generated ones, which could be prone to human error.

Moreover, these cables are completely airtight and waterproof, which degenerate the problems associated with moisture ingress during and post construction phase.

Testing & Standards

For performance evaluation purposes, we hereby claim to carry out rigorous testing under factory conditions. We first scrutinize cables and joints individually, then their compatibility as a whole system is also being verified.

During this evaluation phase, we perform following tests:

  • Type Test
  • Heat Cycling Test
  • AC Voltage Withstanding Test
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Connector Resistance Test
  • Fire Resistant Cables series have also undergone fire (BS 6387, SS 299, IEC 60331), fire with water (BS 6387, SS 299) and fire with mechanical shock tests (BS 6387, SS 299) to ensure the cables maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions.