Tunnel Cables


Tunnel Cables

Our modular system comprises a main cable and branches which are carefully measured and pre-terminated in a controlled factory environment. We have a complete range of single and multicore solutions available along with a wide variety of terminations and connections. Whether you are designing a new installation or replacing existing cable runs, our modular cable system provides a speedy, safe and comprehensive solution.

Features & Benefits

  • One of the major applications for modular cables is as a pre-terminated solution for tunnel lighting systems. The pre-terminated cables can contain both the power-supply and the signalling and control wiring.
  • As there is no need to terminate the joints on site, the complete cable run can be installed quickly, efficiently and safely.
  • Every joint is over-moulded in-house making it completely impervious to liquids and dust, and completely free from the danger of rust or deterioration associated with junction boxes.
  • The cables can be single or multi-core core enabling the installation of multiple lighting circuits in a single run.
  • Each joint can be branched out to one or two branch cables as required.

Cable Specifications

Application Type Cable
Power Supply General CV (Various Sizes)
Environmentally-Friendly EM-CE
Flame Retardant CF
Emergency-Use Fire Resistant EM-FP
Cabtyre Type VCT (Branch Only)
Control General CW
Environmentally-Friendly EM-CEE

Need To Know More?

We understand that our catalogue cables may not always be what you are looking for.
If you can’t find a suitable cable for your needs, let us know, we’re here to help!